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Real Estate Exam Prep

Part of what makes you successful is having the ability to train in a format that is very similar to the exam you'll be taking. By studying the practice real estate exam questions with our online exam prep, you get an experience you simply cannot find in books. Combine that with all of our other features and you have a seriously great study tool.

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  • Includes questions made for your State.
  • Has an unlimited amount of practice exams.
  • Questions pulled dynamically from our databases.
  • Exclusive user competency meters track your progress
  • Easy to understand, unlike that book you are using.
Advanced Real Estate Exam Preparation for passing the exam

Right away it is clear that our exclusive exam prep engine is a labor of love. Over the last 20+ years we have perfected the art of online studying for common Joes & Janes.

Real Estate Cheat Sheets

Not only does our exam system quiz you on test questions, it will identify your weak areas! Our exclusive, easy to use system, uses this information to create printable cheat sheets based on the most common core concepts people need to know.

  • Print out our highly sought-after Cheat Sheets.
  • Covers all main core topics on your exam.
  • Filled with tricks and easy to remember concepts.
  • Math made easy. Includes step-by-step help
  • Made for real people.
Real estate exam Cheat Sheet for study

Our robust "Dumb Ox Exam Engine" helps populate and create cheat sheets based on common user exam weaknesses. You will not find this exclusive feature anywhere else.


A unique learning tool that is an online tutorial movie using our cartoon teacher, Dave. The "Toon-torials" have been a longtime fan favorite of our customers. You will learn:

  • 10 things to know (or do) before the exam.
  • What to do if you do not know the answer.
  • Tricks to eliminate wrong answers.
  • Learn the common mistakes people make.
  • Insider knowledge, and many more tips.
Real Estate exam prep videos Tutorials

When it comes to the Real Estate Exam, you can truly benefit from our years of experience.

Learning Games

Stay energized by playing one of our exclusive real estate exam based games.

  • Collect sweets & answer questions between rounds with "Sweet Dreams".
  • Try out our brand new "Cosmic Crossword". This is great for learning your definitions!
  • Sharpen your mental sword and sit in the hot seat with the "Realty Gameshow ".
Real Estate Games

Need to give your brain a break but also still need to study a bit? Look no further!

Online Manuals & Glossary

As an extra bonus, get access to our new Online Manuals. We have broken down all your need to know topics into "Bite Sized" readable sections. Also included is our Common Joe N Jane Glossary!

  • National based key point reviews of vital topics
  • State based key point reviews of vital topics (if available for your state)
  • Real Estate Math Review.
  • Access to our Common Joe N Jane Glossary. Real world explanations & definitions.
  • A $25 value at no extra charge!
Real Estate exam prep videos Tutorials

It never hurts to have access to additional materials. Cover all your bases by studying our new Online Manuals.