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We have been offering computerized exam preparation software for over 20 years. See how some of our past customers have benefited from using our products. Located below, you will see reviews of just a few of our recent customers.

I searched and searched for the best exam review I could. I paid for several other prep sites and after weeks of staring at a boring screen and not gaining understanding, I found Night Before the Exam. FINALLY a program that was NEVER boring and that was truly FUN to use! The system shows your progress as you move along. I found the Dumb Ox engine to be amazing and by FAR the BEST study tool ever. I never dreaded studying once I signed up! Thank you Night Before the Exam for helping me pass my real estate salesperson exam! I’m now using the system to study for my Brokers exam!

Brittney A. | California

Night Before The Exam (NBTE) has been suggested to our students as a study aide for the MA real estate exam for over a year now. The feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. The NBTE system tracks the student's progress by offering multiple DIFFERENT exams and charts their strong and weak areas. As they take more exams the questions focus more on their weak areas to augment their knowledge and confidence. Students have told me that the questions on NBTE are very close in the way they're asked and are sometimes the same as those on the actual exam. We also use the exam during the last class or two and have the students take turns answering the questions. If the answer is wrong an explanation is available to help you understand why the correct answer is the right choice. NBTE is very generous about extending the time you can log on beyond the original 90 days if the student needs additional time to study. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PROGRAM!!!

Bob C. | Massachusetts (school)

Wanted to send you and email. Thank you so much for extending time on your site. I passed 20 points higher than expected. Paid for many other practices. This one is by far the best! The answers after question verses reviewing mistakes after test is most helpful. The bookmarks test is a great recheck of knowledge. Will recommend this program to anyone considering the test. Wish had started with this

Thanks again ,for a professional, thought out prep.

Donna F. | Alabama

After taking the real estate exam for the 4th time and not passing it, a friend told me about Night Before The Exam.com so I registered and started the practice tests. I was skeptical at first because I had tried many different sites to help with studying the terms. I stayed in the red zone for a while but as I crammed and kept practicing the exam questions I began to move to yellow and then green. I finally passed the test ( 5th try) and can say without a doubt that this website was a very big reason I passed.

A BIG thank you for this website that is really geared toward the real estate questions/terms that are on the exam.

Dawn S. | Tennessee

I took AND PASSED the NC Real Estate Broker Exam on March 22nd. I was extra motivated since that was the last day of my membership, and I didn't want the embarrassment of asking for an extension. I love your system, the games, and your whole outlook on this stuff! I will recommend you to anyone who wants to study and have fun at the same time.

Blake P | North Carolina

I just wanted to write to you all and say thank you! I passed my exam yesterday with a 92%. Your study material was well organized and helped me study efficiently.

I can't thank you enough to have passed on the first try!

Amy R. | Pennsylvania

I passed my Tennessee test !!!

Thank you for helping me with night before the exam. I had taken the exam several times and was very frustrated. I think the system is great, helped me understand everything much better!

Patricia H. | Tennessee

I highly recommend "Night Before the Exam!"

What a great experience my wife and I have had in using their course. Prompt attention was given us when we had questions. The various preparation tools worked well for us!

Howard F. | Arkansas

Thanks for your program. I love studying from old tests! I needed to re-take my PA exam due to inactivity for 5 plus years, 10 years after I took the class. In 10 days I went from "all red" to "all green" and aced the exam, both national and state. Great program. I wish the DumbOx was available for more subjects!

Thanks again for your help!

Eileen | Pennsylvania

Last Friday I passed my California real estate salesperson license exam on the first try and I'm quite sure that it was due to your exam prep system. I loved working with your exam prep and have already recommended it to several others who are interested in getting their license. !

Keep up the good work!!

Doug E. | California

Just a sincere thanks...when you make a promise you deliver...your product delivered in a big way.

Passed my exam the first time. What an amazing tool.

Ewell S. | Louisiana

I have to admit, I REALLY doubted the "pass or don't pay". That was, until I passed my Broker exam today!! I had gotten all green on the practice test program after weeks of studying at my own pace. It was definitely worth paying for!!

Ashley C. | Texas

Thanks to your program I was able to pass my exam today.

Thank You!!

Harry O. | Louisiana

I took my state exam on March 16 and passed the first time!

Thank you for your assistance!

Tammy A. | Florida

I passed!

Thank You!

Brad W. | Hawaii

Thank you so much for your help; I just took the real estate exam today and passed. Your website is fantastic; wish I had of found it sooner! I feel very lucky to have found your site on the last day before I was scheduled to take my state real estate exam. I had actually spent quite a bit of time studying however I fell into the trap of memorizing a lot of the answers due to unclear information. I was scoring too low on my practice tests and I did not feel confident I would be able to pass the exam. Your website has great questions and more importantly, clear and concise explanations for every question, correct or incorrect. Even though I only had access to your website for one day, I felt confident for the first time. It literally made the difference between passing and failing in my case.

Christie C. | Florida

I passed my exam this morning on the first try. I could not have done it without this program!

It works! Thanks a million

Salina C. | Louisiana

On June 14th at 7:22 PM, I made the best investment of my life. My exam was scheduled for June 16 at 8:30 am. Talk about "the night before," am I right? . . I work a full time job, and am stuck in traffic for quite some time, so I didn't get to spend as much time as I would've liked on NightBeforeTheExam.com. BUT, the time that I had studied seriously prepared me for the intense California Real Estate Sales Exam. I PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY with an hour and change to spare.

I am so grateful for this amazing site!

Camille W. | California

I registered this site two months ago and today passed the exams. (Virginia and national portion)

I want to thank you for your meticulous support. Regards.

Mahmut T. | Virginia

I used the Night Before the Exam for 2 weeks prior to my exam and I passed.

Great program! Thank you!!!

Celeste C. | Georgia

Thanks guys for an excellent set of Questions compiled for real estate exam. I did not do anything else. Just these question helped a great deal to get the Section for the Nation Exam. I think should guys nailed it to the point that most of the question were there. I am happy to take the test after going through your Practice Exams. Almost all of National Exam questions were there or covered in the Cheat Sheets Thanks again. Keep up the good work. Recommend this for all new comers.

Joseph S. | Texas

THANK YOU! I passed the Texas Broker exam on my first try! It was a booger and honestly, I left the exam room a little less than confident. But, I was completely jubilant when the proctor handed me 2 sheets of paper showing I passed both parts!

Tina B. | Texas

I passed my state exam today.

Thank you for all your help and thanks to Night Before the Exam! I believe it was a great help. I'm so happy I can now move forward with a new career.

Caterina C. | Florida

I passed the exam I want to thank you personally for an amazing service your practice tests are GOLDEN. They really help me! I love the cartoon animation review as well.

I will tell everyone that night before the exam is the absolute best study site.

Michael P. | Oregon

This is the second time I've used 'Night Before the Exam' once in Massachusetts and then again in SC. I was successful the first time taking my Real Estate exam in both states. In Massachusetts, my 90 day period expired about a week before I was to take the exam, I made a email and it was renewed for me again without a fee. Further, I needed something specific for the SC exam and I reached out after hours with an email seeking help to resolve my issue. I received a response first thing in the morning from Robert who went above and beyond anything I expected in respects to fixing my issue. In addition, I inadvertently paid twice and a refund was issued immediately without me having to press the issue. Love the way the system works, but more importantly, I like these people. Thanks for your help and I'll certainly let others know of my experience....based on my experience, you'll probably be glad I may not need your assistance moving forward.

Thanks again

Tim B. | South Carolina

Just writing to say a job well done!

I passed my NY test with the use of your practice exams. Keep up the great work! Thanks again

Joe C. | New York

I wanted to reach back out with an update. I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! Thanks to NightBeforeTheExam.com!

I took my pre-license class in 2010 but did not take the state test until 2014! After a failed attempt, I still felt like I was missing something and that without structure I would fail again. 3 days before my next state exam attempt I found NightBeforeTheExam.com. I used the cheat sheets took the practice tests (cram style obviously), played the games and in 3 days I went from feeling overwhelmed to confident and for Halloween 2014...I WAS A REAL ESTATE AGENT! NightBeforeTheExam.com is hands down the BEST study tool on the market!

When I took the pre-license course I purchased AMP tests, notes, books, GA Real Estate tests, books & flashcards, audio cds and NOTHING came close in comparison to what NightBeforeTheExam.com did for me! Heck...I wouldn't recommend waiting to find them but the site name alone is bold but truthful! I passed in 3 days time because of their study tools! Thank you again for helping me change my life!"

Justin W. | Atlanta, GA

I have no words to express how thankful I am for getting all the help I've got from "Nightbeforetheexam.com". You took the time examining my questions, forwarding them out to a content expert who also took his time to look into them and answered the questions one by one, just to help me out. Today I PASSED my Virginia State Test, and it's not only to my hard work and study time I've dedicated for the past months, but also due to this WONDERFUL tool you guys offer online, so studying turned out to be more interesting and helpful, as I took several tests online and each time I failed a question, there was explanation as to what the right answer was. I hated all the other study books I had. And I loved your system online. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for helping me out, for being so thoughtful. I will talk about this website to whoever wants to pursue a career in real estate. The books and classes I took were just not enough to make me pass the exam. I know I couldn't have passed the exam hadn't I come across "night before the exam" while browsing for help on the web. Have a great evening and I really really really appreciate all you've done for me. I'm a REAL ESTATE AGENT NOW!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you

H. Amar | Virginia

I would like to sincerely thank night before the exam. I signed up only 3 nights before my test date which I wouldn't recommend. I finished school almost 13 weeks prior, and had not been able time wise to study plus we turned in books when school ended. Your program along with a you tube review of principles is how I was able to pass the first time. The questions were never really the same I took it several times to only have a couple repeats which helped because if I answered wrong I always read the view help file. I read the cheat sheet twice once right before my test. I just can't thank you enough I couldn't have done it with out you!
Forever grateful,

Jessica L. | California

Hey just wanted to thank everyone at nightbeforetheexam!! I took the required course and passed its exam but didn't feel like I was ready for the state exam. After using this program and the different tools I passed the Florida state exam on the first try!!!
Thanks again,

Gregory G. | Florida

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I FINALLY passed my test. I had spent hundreds of dollars on books, schools & classes to try & pass my test. Your program was the most informative & very easy to understand. The questions on the test were very similar to the ones on yours on the exam prep. I highly recommend your course to anyone.
Thank you again!!!!

Danielle W. | Oklahoma

I passed my exam on the very first attempt!

I could not have done it without your program. It is everything that your company said it would be.

Billy H. | Texas

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I passed the school final exam last Friday and bought your course on Tuesday of this week. After taking a million tests this week from Night Before the Exam, I took the Georgia State Exam today and Passed on my first try. Great tool and worth the money! I was very prepared and confident after the exam and was not surprised with my passing grade. Thanks again!

Brad D. | Georgia

I passed my broker's exam today (yay!) and I couldn't have done it without your help. I'll certainly recommend Night Before The Exam to anybody who is in the market for a good crash course.
Thanks again. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Nancy Z. | Washington

Just wanted to update you on my status, I have passed my state exam. I believe that I could not have done it with out your help.


David G. | Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam on the first try. 91% on the National and 82% on the state. I believe I owe my success in large part to your prep.

Thank you for putting out such a great product and for making the preparation process fun!

Paul S. | Oregon

I passed all of my needed exams! I heard about this program while attending pre-license school in Scottsdale AZ. It helped me study and understand the concepts that I needed to pass all of my exams. The difference it made in my confidence was so positive that I told everyone who would listen what a difference it made. Many thanks!

Rochele S. | Arizona

I was having a bit of a hard time with all the new information while taking the mandatory classes, and I was fortunate enough to stumble on nightbeforetheexam.com. Not only did it help me understand every concept, but gave me everything I needed to take the CA state exam. I passed the exam on the first attempt, without taking any “crash” courses or buying additional materials. I finished the test with over an hour to spare, and I truly feel that this tool is what enabled me to be sure and confident in my answers. I recommend nightbeforetheexam.com to all real estate licensees prospects, and can’t express enough my gratitude for having this tool, paired with some of the best customer service I received in long time. Thank you so very much for your kindness and exceptional support!

Yoldess M. | California

I wanted to say I PASSED!!!!

Thank you SO much for your wonderful program. I only wish I had known about you sooner. I have told other struggling students about your program and will continue to spread the word because your program gets results. Plus customer service is stellar!

Shannon D. | Oregon

I used another program on my first test and found the material to have very little relevancy to the test.

After taking the exam today I passed and I can confidently say that nightbeforetheexam played a major role in that.

Jonathan B. | Virginia

Thank you, seems like an understatement and a Million of them still not enough! Ease of use along with easy access on the internet with your companies friendly service made passing the Test a breeze the FIRST time taking it! I highly recommend NightBeforeTheExam.com

Trevor F. | California

Just wanted to say thanks! I passed my exam on the first try, ALL THANKS TO YOUR POWERFUL PROGRAM! I was able to use the program to increase my proficiency in each exam category. I can't thank you guys enough!!!

Destiny D. | California

I PASSED on my first try! Although the questions were worded differently, NBTE prepared me to know HOW to answer them. I took it slowly and remembered many of the explanations in the Help File. When the exam tried to trip me up, I remembered where the Dumb Ox had done so in a similar fashion. There were no tricks in the exam that hadn't been tried on me during your practice tests! Afterwards, I met other test takers today who suffered ill fates. I almost feel like I had an unfair advantage over them. Of course I encouraged them to try again after using NBTE

John G. | Texas

I did it! I passed!

Thank you guys so much! Your program was outstanding. I bought Night Before The Exam 3 days before my state exam and quickly found my course did not prepare me as much as I had thought. I kept on taking your practice tests and kept getting better and better until I finally felt I was where I needed to be (in only 3 days). I passed on my first try and I honestly couldn't have done it without you guys! Again, Thank You!!

Greg | New York

I was terrified of taking the North Carolina National and State Real Estate Exam when my friend told me it was almost as difficult as when he took the Bar Exam. I know I had learned a lot in class but was told by several people that you need more than just the class and the practice exams. I ordered Night Before The Exam after reading the testimonials of others and praying that I would be able to do that as well - meaning I pass the exam. While here I am! I would not have passed if it weren't for this wonderful website. The questions are structured very much like what you see on the exam and I love how if you get a question wrong you can see why you got it wrong and make sense of the answer. Thank you Night Before The Exam! Thank you again for your help!!!

Rachel P. | North Carolina

I just want to thank you for the awesome program you offer, because of it, when I went to take my exam, I was so well prepared that I had no doubt that I would pass because I only had to guess at 2 questions on my state exam [you can miss 9] and 5 on the national [we are allowed 24] and I only needed half of the allowed time, and I even reviewed it twice just to be sure!! This program was a great help because I had received my certification 5 months prior but I didn't take the test right away. This program is the real deal thanks for everything!!

Donna A. | Texas

I just wanted to let everyone know that "nightbeforetheexam" is probably the best study course out there. I've taken a couple of practice courses in class and online and they didn't do me any good, I almost gave up. I saw nightbeforetheexam online and saw that is 100% money back GUARANTEED, so I said I have nothing to lose and so I decided to try this website, It is just great! It's like they have taken questions from the exam itself. I passed both portions of my Real Estate exam thanks to you guys. Not to mention, communication is great. I asked for more time, and I thought they would give me a couple of days, a month max. Nightbeforetheexam gave me the full time I had to begin with! I have to say they are great in everything. I wish I can give them 10 stars. Thanks again.

Alaa M. | Texas

I passed with a perfect score on both exams! I am over the moon! Thank you, the program was perfect. Even when I encounter questions that were difficult your program helped me eliminate the wrong answers. I'd recommend to anyone!

Fred B. | Hawaii

Just wanted to send a quick note. I passed my exam last weekend. The only reason I passed was because of your website. After my class in June I became sidetracked with life and forgot most of the material. With the assistance of your website I breezed through the exam. I actually thought it was too easy. LOL
I thank you again for following your vision to create the software. I have passed your website on to those who were in my pre-licensing course. Kind Regards,

D. Clavo | Washington DC

I just wanted to thank you for the help your site gave me to prepare for my real estate exam. I used your site for two weeks and was able to pass on my first try.

Thank you!!!

Jackie Z. | Pennsylvania

I passed my exam today!!! I took it once before and didn't pass. Then I bought Night before the Exam and practiced my heart out until I started getting high 80's every time! Thanks so much for a great program! Taking the exam this time was still hard, but things just clicked into place and I was able to really think the question through. Apparently it worked! Thanks again! You have no idea how much passing meant to me, my kids and my life in general!

Beth B. | Illinois

Night before the exam worked wonders, I began studying using solely the Dumb Ox Pretests and Leopardy! Two weeks later I passed my Sales Associates exam first try in 45 minutes ! Thank you for helping my accomplish my goal of being an 18 year old agent!

Mateus S. | Massachusetts

Wanted to reach out and tell you that your website study material is highly effective in studying for the Florida Real Estate Exam. I felt more prepared studying for the exam using The Night Before The Exam than with my the Pre-License textbook. The site is great and I highly recommend. Past the exam on first try!

Nathan F. | Florida

I just wanted to let you guys know that your program worked 100% for me, I passed the exam no problem. I felt like I blew the state test out of the water and knew all the correct answers. Thanks a bunch. Totally worth the price.

Brandon H. | Washington

THANK YOU for creating a fun and effective study program! I passed my Florida real estate exam today on the first try! Your practice tests, games, and review sheets were fabulous; I saw improvement in my scores with each study session! I highly recommend your system!

Dava T. | Florida

I passed my test today! Thanks to your study materials, I got a better grasp on the material!!! I used the dumb ox every day and set it to cram.....Helped me so much!!! Thanks!!!!

Allison G. | North Dakota

Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone at night before the exam! I passed my state exam today and am officially a licensed broker. I wanted to express my gratitude for this invaluable study resource and for the kindness you all showed my decreasing the cost to me. I credit your program in large part for my success!!!! I will be sure to pass on my recommendations for your program to everyone. Thank you again, and God bless.

Paula E. | North Carolina

I passed today! It was my first time taking it. You all rock!

It helped so much!

Scott S. | Oklahoma

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that I passed the state exam today. Yay! And I couldn't have done it without this service. I want to thank you for all of your help and your quick response time when I had a question. I will recommend this program to anyone who wants to get a real estate license. Thank you again. Best Regards,

Leslie P. | Maryland

just wanted to share that I took the National and State (TX) tests today, I passed them my first time, I had to review my tests 3 times each because they seemed so easy after the practice tests on here. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Ruben G. | Texas

I passed the MA Real Estate exam the first time!

Thank you for a GREAT way to study!

Ashley F. | Massachusetts

I attended the real estate course 5 years ago and I did not do the state exam. 2 weeks ago I decided to go for the exam and I found your website. I did not have any books so I said to my self that instead of buying books I will pay for your site. What a great decision!! I PASSED the NY exam!! Thank you Nightbeforetheexam!

Ethan H. | New York

Hello, I wanted to submit a testimonial. Thank you so much for this great exam prep. I finally passed (after quite the struggle) and I am very grateful for Night Before the Exam!!

Elizabeth K. | Michigan

I just wanted to say thank you so much and let you know I passed my exam yesterday! I went from not knowing where to start to passing on the first go around! I am so excited to start my career and I owe it to you guys! Thank you!

Quantella S. | South Carolina

Great news!! I passed my exam yesterday, I know I couldn't have done it without you guys!!!!


Maria G. | Florida

I passed my license exam today, AWESOME! I really like the interactive menu and various functions of your program. Thanks for providing a great product.

Linda R. | California

I passed my real estate exam a few weeks ago thanks to your online awesomeness! I didn't pass my test 2 times, finally I realized that my method of studying had to change. Its so hard to pick up a book after working 8 hours a day! I need to find something that was fun but was not wasting any minute of my study time, and your program was perfect! I have to admit I didn't even get the odometer to turn green before I went to take the test again and PASSED! thanks again! keep up the good work. I've already referred your service to 3 other people:)

Alma C. | California

I PASSED! A Million Thank You's to all of you at Nightbeforetheexam.com.
What an awesome tool you have created. The ability to take Unlimited pretests was awesome and helped ingrain the correct principals into my memory. I loved that during pretests if I got a question wrong, I could look at correct answer and understand my mistake or misunderstanding of the topic. When I sat for the REAL exam, I felt well prepared, and confident and now look forward to my new career in Real Estate as an being educated in the principals and basics and not just a person who passed a test. I recommend this site as a MUST USE tool...

Jennifer C. | Virginia

Just like to say thank you, I could not have passed without your website. ..I have been calling other people in my class to check you guys out too.


Paul D. | Massachusetts

Night Before the Exam helped me prepare to the point where my confidence went through the roof! This program is amazing and
should be used by every person trying to pass the exam.

Thank you!

Rami B. | California

I can not thank you enough! I just passed my exam!
I felt way more confident because of your program!

Again thank you so much!

Kristina H. | Alabama

Hello I just want to Thank You for renewing my account with out any problems for me. I also want to say that your website was such a great help and I Passed my state exam!

Thank you so much.

Tom | New Jersey

I took my MD state exam this afternoon and passed it on my First try!!! Your program is second to none.

Thanks Night before the Exam!!

Randolph S. | Maryland

Took Oklahoma test today. Passed first try,
I know nightbeforetheexam was the reason why.

Thanks for a great program.

Tammy B. | Oklahoma

Thank You sooo much Passed my exam today!

Robert G. | Georgia

Thank you, thank you!!! After about a week of studying with your program, I passed my exam this morning!! Your program picked up right where my class left off and gave me all the help I needed to pass - thank you!!!

Page C. | North Carolina

Thanks for producing a useful and even entertaining site. One of the best training sites for ANYTHING that I've found. Passed my broker's exam without sweat thanks to you.
Now....please do a commercial pilot site!

Peter L. | Massachusetts

I just wanted to say that thanks to Night Before the Exam I was able to pass both my School test and my State test the first time. Which was great since most of my classmates had to take both test multiple times. Because of this program I was able to better understand the information I was learning. Once again thanks and keep up the good work!

Casandra N. | Arizona

I passed my test this morning!

I am now 2 for 2 after using your program (DC and VA)

Debra P. | Maryland

I took my NYS real estate exam this pass Tuesday, and with only four days of cramming on your site....I PASSED!!!

Thank you so much for your amazing program.

Elex B. | New York

I am thoroughly impressed by the services and care you offer. It has been an absolute delight, to attend these mock exams. I have never come across a system so easy to use that could also give accurate results. "The Dumb Ox Engine" was perfect to challenge me. I could see improvement, and identify where i was proficient and where i should add focus.

I know it goes without saying but I will say anyways as to how pleased I am, i will be suggesting to my friends and colleagues your testing service.

William K. | California

Thanks so much.
I think your site is sensational....so far outside the mainstream and yet enormously useful. Just brilliant all around. You should make a deal with every real estate office and association.


Passed my test yesterday morning on my first try(!!!) and can wholeheartedly say I know I could not have done it without your help. I tried using books for studying and they left me dull & dazed. Thank you for creating a great and affordable product!!!

Marsha S. | Oregon

I won't need the extension as I passed my licensing exam. Your program is very easy to use and I really liked the interface. Seeing those green bars fill up was a lot of fun. I exclusively studied this program for six days and passed so it definitely works. Overall I had a lot of fun using this program so it definitely succeeds in that regard. Thanks.

Nick C. | Florida

I would not have made it but for you, with two of my exams. I am still using your software program and I can not say enough. The cost was reasonable and the software was very user friendly (easy to use). I enjoyed the program very much. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT IN ALL ASPECTS.

Judy H. | Lecanto, Florida

Thanks for providing such a great tool. I passed on my first try, thanks to NightBeforeTheExam.com...I am certain. It is so much better than the prep course that came with my online package from another company.

Just wondering if you have an affiliate program thru any company...I would love to market this program. It's a bargain!

Kathy M.

I passed the New Jersey State Exam, first shot.
I would and will recommend Night before the Exam.


Frank G. | New Jersey

It was much easier and more effective than pouring through mountains of textbooks and class notes. When I took the exam, I was familiar with the format and material and had no problem passing and getting my license. It was money well spent and I would recommend it to anyone preparing to take the state exams.

Rhonda R. | Houston, Texas

The ability to log-on any computer that has Internet access was helpful with my busy schedule. (the material) ..was well organized and clearly written in "everyday," easy to understand language. (The exam prep program) ..eliminates the need to erase previous answered questions in printed test prep books.

Jerry M. | Peabody, Massachusetts

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the assistance "Night Before the Exam" gave me. As you suggested, I went through your practice questions often, reviewed the two summary sheets and studied the definitions provided. I took the Florida Real Estate Exam this morning, and passed with an 89%.
I could not have done it without Night Before the Exam.

Joseph S. | Florida

I passed my license exam today, AWESOME!

I really like the interactive menu and various functions of your program.

Thanks for providing a great product.

Linda K. | California

Took the state exam & passed on my first try! Thank you!!!

Katrina F. | New Jersey

I just want to say thank you so much for your program! I started studying for your coursework to become a broker on Friday...took the test today and I passed! I will always recommend your material to my fellow associates. Thanks again!!

Robin W. | Texas

I finally passed my exam. Thank you for your hard work!

Gregory G. | Arizona

I wanted to thank you guys for having an amazing program full of ALL of the information needed to pass the Florida Real Estate Exam. The program is extremely helpful. It has more similar questions that you will see in the exam than the ones in the actual book provided by the state, after completing the 63 hour pre-licensure course.
Thanks again!!

Maureen A. | Florida

Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the help with passing my real estate exam..I took the test today and passed.. If it wasn't for all the time you gave me to study I would have never passed.. Thanks again

Mike N. | Oklahoma

Thank you I passed the 1st time after using your material. I had taken the test 2x prior studying just the material I was given in class but your information was a tremendous help!

Gina P. | Alabama

Thank you for all your help. I finally passed the exam.

Kate A | New York

Thank you so much for your help before my exam! Obviously I passed my test. I can't thank you enough for your program.

Judy A | Georgia

Thanks for your website. Your practice tests were awesome! I passed my Texas Brokers exam on my first attempt today! Thanks Again!

John H. | Texas

I purchased this program and wanted to let you know I passed my exam first try. When I first started taking practice exams I was getting 40s on them- hence my school did not prepare me for the state exam whatsoever. I did practice exams constantly getting all the way up to 89%. I took the Florida Sales Assoc state exam today and passed. Thank you!

Chelsea M. | Florida

I wanted to thank you for this amazing program and the fact that you extended my expiration period. With the extended time I was able to study for my test which allowed me to pass the exam on my first attempt. I'm super stoked but wanted to give credit to your program. Have a good one

James T. | California

Thank you! I just took the exam and passed the first time!

Chris A. | Hawaii

Thank you again for all your help. I have successfully passed the TN Real Estate exam today. I also wanted to let you know that NBTE was essential in my passing. I used it for the majority of my studies in fact some of the same questions were on the test. I will be highly recommending it to my future colleagues. Now time to breath a moment and then start studying for the NC test. I’ll be using NBTE of course :)

Sharon W. | Tennessee

I just wanted to thank you....I passed my New York State license exam on the 1st try!!!

Joanna V. | New York

I sincerely appreciate your customer service and you going above and beyond the norm to help me. Feel free to use this communication as a full recommendation of you personally and your highly effective Real Estate Salesperson program.

Frank R. | California/Oregon

I passed, your website was a lot of help!

Steve M. | Florida

I’m 56 yrs old, and literally haven’t taken an exam since my college days in the 80’s. Did I over prepare....? Probably. Better safe than sorry.
Signed up for your Real Estate Prep for Pennsylvania. Spent many hours doing the practice exams. Took my state exam and passed on first attempt.
Scored 95% on National Portion
Scored 96% on PA State Portion

Michael L. | Pennsylvania

I just wanted to drop a message and let you know I took my Real Estate Exam to be an agent in the state of Utah this morning for the 4th time and I finally passed! I was struggling with persevering through because I tried every strategy and other programs before I found your program online. I started the Night Before The Exam program after failing the 3rd time. I was just failing the exam by 1 or 2 and I needed to try a different strategy. I am a very visual individual and this style of a program is just what I needed to get the job done! So....thank you!

Jess P. | Utah

Hi NightBeforeTheExam!
I would love to give you a testimonial if you're looking for more! I found your compassion with my inquiry into the hardship program to be amazing and made me feel great, a little less stressed and I found the website very easy to use. I used the website A LOT to study prior to my test! I took MA state and national exam and I passed it on the first try!!

Sarah D. | Massachusetts

I passed it all yesterday. Thank you for all of your help every time!!

Jackie F. | Pennsylvania

I'm 50 and never did learn much from oral instruction and while I did learn in my state mandated class I learned far more from your program. I passed my state exam with flying colors but I plan on continuing to use your program for the remainder of my subscription to get better. Highest recommendation possible!!!

Jim B. | Florida

Just wanted you to know I passed the exam this morning. I really felt that this online exam prep was amazing. The best money I’ve ever spent. > I will be recommending to everyone I know!

Tina K. | Delaware

I just wanted to say thank you for extending my account. I PASSED! I have recommended Night Before The Exam to a couple of my coworkers who are studying to take the exam.

Allison W. | Georgia

Took my RE exam Wednesday morning and passed on the first try! Got my “NBTE” competency meter to green beforehand. Couldn’t have done it without your program. Just wanted to say thank you!

Jacob A. | Massachusetts

Hello, I want to thank you! I passed my National portion the first try! I used only your course to study. God bless you!

Sarah H. | North Dakota

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