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Define Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) in Real Estate

Competitive Market Analysis (CMA): 

A Competitive Market Analysis is a tool used by real estate agents to help figure out how much a house or property is worth. They compare the property to similar ones that have recently been sold, are currently for sale, or were taken off the market in the same area. This helps the agent suggest the right price for their client to sell or buy a property.


A homeowner wants to sell their 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house. The real estate agent conducts a CMA by looking at similar homes in the neighborhood. They find that three comparable houses recently sold for $250,000, $260,000, and $275,000. Two more are currently listed for sale at $265,000 and $280,000. Based on this information, the agent suggests that the homeowner lists their property for $270,000 to be competitive in the market.

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There are a few more points to consider about Competitive Market Analysis (CMA):

Adjustments: When comparing properties, an agent may need to make adjustments to account for differences between the subject property and the comparable properties. For example, if the subject property has a larger lot, an additional bedroom, or recent upgrades, these factors may increase the suggested price.

Timeframe: CMAs should use recent data, typically within the past three to six months, to ensure the most accurate and current market conditions are reflected in the analysis. Real estate markets can change quickly, so using outdated information may result in incorrect pricing.

Active, Pending, and Expired Listings: While sold properties provide the most reliable data, it's also helpful to consider active, pending, and expired listings in the CMA. Active listings show the current competition, pending listings give an idea of how quickly properties are selling, and expired listings can indicate if a property was overpriced or had issues that prevented it from selling.

Presentation: A well-prepared CMA is typically presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format, often using charts or tables to show the comparisons. This helps clients understand the analysis and make informed decisions about pricing their property.

Objective and Accurate: It's crucial for real estate agents to remain objective and accurate when conducting a CMA. Overpricing or underpricing a property can lead to a longer time on the market, missed opportunities, or dissatisfied clients.

A thorough understanding of Competitive Market Analysis will enable you to provide better service to your clients, accurately price properties, and ultimately lead to more successful transactions.
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