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Define Inferior Lien (Junior Liens) in Real Estate

Inferior Lien (Junior Liens): 

An inferior lien is a type of claim or debt on a property that has a lower priority compared to other debts. If the property is sold, the debts with higher priority get paid first, and the inferior lien only gets paid if there's any money left.


Imagine you have a house with two loans on it. The first loan (Loan A) is for $200,000, and the second loan (Loan B) is for $50,000. If you can't pay your loans and the house is sold for $220,000, Loan A gets paid first since it has a higher priority. After paying Loan A, there's $20,000 left. Loan B, being an inferior lien, then gets $20,000, but it's still not fully paid off.

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Liens with higher priority are sometimes referred to as "senior liens" or "superior liens." They take precedence over other liens and get paid first when a property is sold.

Examples of Inferior Liens (lower priority) and Superior Liens (higher priority liens):

Superior Liens (Higher Priority Liens):

First mortgage: This is the primary loan taken out to buy a property. It has the highest priority when it comes to getting paid if the property is sold.
Property tax liens: These are placed on a property when the owner hasn't paid their property taxes. In many cases, property tax liens have higher priority than other types of liens, even the first mortgage.

Inferior Liens (Lower Priority):

Second mortgage: This is an additional loan taken out on a property that's already under a first mortgage. It has a lower priority than the first mortgage and will only be paid after the first mortgage is settled.
Home equity line of credit (HELOC): This is a type of loan that uses the homeowner's equity as collateral. Like a second mortgage, it's considered an inferior lien because it comes after the first mortgage.
Mechanics liens: These liens are placed on a property when someone who has performed work on the property (e.g., a contractor) hasn't been paid. They typically have a lower priority than the first mortgage or property tax liens.
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In the land of houses and money owed,
Debts are ranked like a winding road.
Some come first, and some come last,
But all must be paid, oh so fast.

An inferior lien, a debt quite small,
Waits in line, against the wall.
Higher debts must be paid first,
While inferior liens quench their thirst.

So if you find a house with a lien,
Know its rank, and don't stay green.
For only when higher debts are done,
Can inferior liens have their fun.

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