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Define Legal Title in Real Estate

Legal Title: 

Legal title refers to the full legal ownership of a property, which means that the owner has the legal right to use, occupy, sell, or transfer the property as they see fit. It includes a bundle of rights, such as the right to possess the property, the right to use the property, and the right to exclude others from the property.


For example, if you purchase a home, you will receive legal title to the property, which means that you have the legal right to use and occupy the property, as well as the right to sell or transfer the property to another party.

Equitable title, on the other hand, refers to the right to use and occupy a property, but not the legal right to sell or transfer the property. This often arises in situations where a property is subject to a mortgage or other financial obligations.

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Here are a few more things you should know about legal title:

Legal title is established through a legal instrument, such as a deed or a court order, and is recorded in public records.

Legal title can be transferred to another party through a sale or transfer of the property, typically through a legal instrument such as a deed.

Legal title can be clouded by legal disputes or other issues, such as liens or encumbrances on the property. It's important to ensure that the legal title is clear and free of any such issues before purchasing a property.

Equitable title, while not the same as legal title, can still confer certain rights on the holder of the title, such as the right to use and occupy the property.

In some cases, legal title may be held by multiple parties, such as in the case of joint tenancy or tenancy in common.
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Legal title is a fancy term,
For owning property that's firm!
It means you can use and sell with ease,
The property that you please!

If you buy a home, legal title you'll receive,
It's your right to use and possess, so you can believe,
That you can live and enjoy your space,
And sell it to start a new place!

But equitable title is different, you see,
It's the right to use, but not to sell with glee!
It's often tied to a mortgage or loan,
So you may not truly own your home!

So if you're a property owner, legal title is key,
It gives you full ownership, and the rights that you need!
Just remember, with great ownership comes great responsibility,
And legal title means you need to act with care and ability!

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