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Define Lot and Block in Real Estate

Lot and Block: 

"Lot and Block" is a way to describe a piece of land in a neighborhood or development. Think of it like a giant grid or puzzle, where each piece is a lot and a group of these pieces together is a block. This system helps people know exactly where a property is located within the neighborhood or development.


For example, in a new housing development, there are several blocks, each containing multiple lots. Susan wants to buy a house on Lot 5 of Block 2. Using the Lot and Block system, it's easy to find the exact location of Susan's future home within the development.

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When studying the Lot and Block system for a real estate agent or appraiser exam, keep in mind a few key points that can help you:

Recorded plat maps: The Lot and Block system is based on recorded plat maps, which are detailed drawings of a land development. These maps show the layout of streets, blocks, and individual lots, and can usually be found at the local county recorder's office or online through the county's GIS (Geographic Information System) website.

Legal descriptions: Lot and Block numbers are often used as part of a property's legal description, which is a written statement that precisely identifies a piece of real estate. Legal descriptions are important for property transactions, such as sales, leases, and mortgages.

Easements and restrictions: Plat maps may also show any easements or restrictions associated with the lots and blocks. Easements grant specific rights to use a portion of the property for a particular purpose, such as utility access or a shared driveway. Restrictions may limit how the property can be used or developed, such as building height limits or minimum setback requirements.

Address assignment: The Lot and Block system can help with assigning addresses to new properties. Local authorities often use this information to generate property addresses based on the development's layout and the numbering scheme for lots and blocks.

Other land identification systems: It's essential to be aware that other land identification systems exist, such as the metes and bounds system or the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). These systems may be more common in rural areas or in regions where the Lot and Block system is not used.

Understanding these aspects of the Lot and Block system will help you prepare for your real estate agent or appraiser exam.
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In neighborhoods near and far,
Lot and Block, they set the bar.
A grid of land, easy to see,
Helping you find where you're meant to be.

A lot, a piece, in the puzzle grand,
Blocks, the groups, where lots do stand.
So when you search for a place to dwell,
Remember Lot and Block, they serve you well.

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