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Define Partition Suit in Real Estate

Partition Suit: 

A partition suit is a legal action taken to divide or separate co-owned real estate between two or more parties who cannot agree on how to use or dispose of the property.


Imagine that two siblings inherited a house from their parents, but they cannot agree on what to do with the property. One sibling wants to sell the house and split the proceeds, while the other sibling wants to keep the house and rent it out. If they cannot come to an agreement, one or both of them may file a partition suit to have the property divided into separate portions, so that each sibling can have their own share of the property and do with it as they please.

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There are a few additional things you should know about partition suits:

Partition suits can be filed for both real estate and personal property.
While our previous example was focused on real estate, partition suits can also be filed for personal property, such as artwork or other valuable possessions.

There are two types of partition suits: partition in kind and partition by sale.
Partition in kind involves physically dividing the property into separate portions, while partition by sale involves selling the property and dividing the proceeds among the co-owners.

Partition suits can be costly and time-consuming.
Going to court can be an expensive and lengthy process, so it's important to try to come to an agreement with your co-owners before resorting to a partition suit. It's also important to note that the outcome of a partition suit is not always favorable, and you may end up with a portion of the property that is not as valuable or desirable as you had hoped.

Each state has its own laws regarding partition suits.
Be sure to consult with a licensed attorney in your state if you are considering filing a partition suit, as the laws and procedures may vary depending on where you live.
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A partition suit, oh what a hoot!
It's what you do when two or more
Can't agree on how to use their floor.

They may have a house or plot of land,
But cannot see eye-to-eye, it's quite grand.
So they go to court and make a fuss,
And ask the judge to help them thus.

The judge will say, "Let's split it up!
Each person gets their very own cup.
You can sell or keep or do as you please,
With your piece of land, it's a breeze!"

So there you have it, a partition suit,
It's what you do when you can't compute,
But remember, it's best to agree,
And split your property peacefully.

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