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Define Pur Autre Vie in Real Estate

Pur Autre Vie: 

"Pur Autre Vie" is a French term that means "for the life of another." In real estate, it's used to describe a type of ownership where someone has the right to use a property for as long as another person lives. When that person passes away, the ownership rights end, and the property goes back to the original owner or another designated person.


Mr. Smith owns a house and decides to let his elderly friend, Mrs. Johnson, live there for the rest of her life. He creates an agreement that gives her the right to live in the house "Pur Autre Vie," which means that she can stay there as long as she lives. When Mrs. Johnson passes away, the house will either return to Mr. Smith or be given to someone else he has designated in the agreement.

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A few more points to consider about Pur Autre Vie:

Limited duration: Pur Autre Vie ownership is limited in duration, as it lasts only for the life of the specified person. This makes it different from other types of ownership, like fee simple, where the owner has complete control over the property without any time limits.

Inheritability: Pur Autre Vie ownership is generally not inheritable, meaning that it cannot be passed down to heirs or beneficiaries when the holder of the interest passes away. Once the person whose life the interest is based on dies, the property reverts to the original owner or another designated party.

Transferability: Pur Autre Vie ownership can often be transferred or sold, but the new owner will still only have the right to use the property for the duration of the specified person's life.

Applicable to various interests: Pur Autre Vie can apply to different types of property interests, such as life estates or leaseholds. In each case, the duration of the interest is based on the life of another person.

Pur Autre Vie arrangements are not very common in today's real estate market. They are more frequently found in older legal documents or historical property transactions. However, it is still important for a real estate agent to be familiar with this concept, as it may occasionally come up in specific situations or when dealing with properties that have a complex ownership history.

More commonly, people might encounter "Life Estates", where someone retains the right to use a property for the duration of their own life. While life estates share some similarities with Pur Autre Vie arrangements, they differ in that the duration of the property interest is based on the life of the person holding the interest, rather than the life of another person.

As a real estate agent, understanding the concept of Pur Autre Vie can help you better serve clients who may encounter this type of ownership arrangement. By being familiar with the limitations, transferability, and inheritability of Pur Autre Vie ownership, you can assist your clients in navigating the complexities of this unique form of property interest.
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In the world of real estate, there's a phrase quite unique,
"Pur Autre Vie," it's called, with a purpose so to speak.
It means "for the life of another," and it sets a special stage,
For the time one has to use a property, written on the page.

Mr. Smith has a house, and he wants to share,
With his friend, Mrs. Johnson, so he writes with care.
An agreement that states, for the rest of her days,
She can live in the house, in a warm and cozy haze.

But when Mrs. Johnson's life comes to an end,
The house will return to Mr. Smith or another friend.
This "Pur Autre Vie" arrangement, it's clear,
Gives a special kind of ownership, for a certain someone's years.

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