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Define Voidable Contract in Real Estate

Voidable Contract: 

A "Voidable Contract" is an agreement between two people or groups that seems okay at first, but there's a problem that allows one of them to change their mind and cancel the deal. It's not automatically invalid like a void contract, but it can be made invalid if the person affected decides to do so.


For example, let's say Sam agrees to buy a house from Kelly, but Kelly didn't tell Sam about a big water leak in the basement. Sam can still buy the house if they want to, but because Kelly didn't share important information, Sam has the right to cancel the deal if they choose. In this case, the contract is voidable because Sam has the option to make it invalid due to Kelly's dishonesty.

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A few more points to consider when understanding "voidable contracts" in the context of real estate:

Time sensitivity: In many cases, a voidable contract must be rescinded within a certain period once the issue giving rise to the voidable nature is discovered. If the affected party does not act within that time frame, the contract may become enforceable, and the opportunity to void it could be lost.

Rescission: Rescission is the process of canceling a voidable contract and returning both parties to their original positions before entering the agreement. This may involve the return of money or property exchanged as part of the contract.

Good faith: When dealing with a voidable contract, it's essential for both parties to act in good faith. If one party knowingly conceals a defect or misrepresents information to induce the other party into the contract, it may increase the likelihood of the contract being voided.

Specific performance: In some cases, even if a contract is voidable, a court may order specific performance, meaning the parties must fulfill their contractual obligations. This typically occurs when monetary damages are insufficient to remedy the situation.

Consent and capacity: Voidable contracts often arise due to issues related to consent or capacity, such as misrepresentation, fraud, coercion, or undue influence. If one party can prove any of these factors affected their decision to enter the contract, they may have the right to void the contract.

As a real estate agent, it's essential to be aware of these aspects of voidable contracts, as they can impact the validity and enforceability of real estate transactions. Ensuring that you provide accurate and complete information to your clients and carefully review contracts will help minimize the risk of encountering voidable contracts.
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In the land of agreements, where people convene,
A "Voidable Contract" is sometimes seen.

It's a deal that may wobble, a bit off the track,
But it's not fully broken, and it might not crack.

For example, a house sale where something's not told,
Like a leak in the basement, a problem quite bold.

The buyer can still purchase or choose to walk free,
For the contract is voidable, as you can now see.

So when making a deal, be honest and fair,
For a "Voidable Contract" might give quite a scare.

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